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What is the SACE?

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a qualification gained by students who successfully complete their senior secondary education (Years 10 through 12). The certificate begins with Personal Learning Plan (PLP) in year 10, before the main focus being based on two stages: Stage 1 (Year 11) and Stage 2 (Year 12).

PHS Curriculum Information

The requirements to achieve the SACE

To gain the certificate, students must earn 200 credits. 10 credits are equivalent to one semester in a particular subject or course. Stage 2 Subjects are primarily considered as whole year subjects or 20 credit subjects.

What are some of the features of the SACE?

As part of the SACE students will:

  • receive credits for many different forms of education and training (such as academic subjects, learning a trade, TAFE, vocational training and community service) provided they are recognised by the SACE Board.

  • students can leave and return to their SACE at any stage, with no time limits on when the SACE must be completed.

  • receive A to E grades in Stage 1 Subjects.

  • receive A+ to E- grades in Stage 2 subjects.

  • demonstrate essential skills and knowledge for their future, focusing on Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work and Learning.

  • have 30 per cent of their work in every Stage 2 subject externally assessed. This will be done in various ways, including exams, practical performances and presentations.

  • have moderators check the school-assessed parts of Stage 2 subjects to ensure consistent grading across the state.

Compulsory aspects of the SACE

  • A C grade or better in the Personal Learning Plan at Stage 1 (undertaken in Year 10), worth 10 credits.

  • A C grade or better in at least 20 credits towards Literacy from a range of English/English as a Second Language studies at Stage 1.

  • A C grade or better in at least 10 credits towards Numeracy from a range of Mathematics Studies at Stage 1.

  • At minimum an additional 90 credits of either Stage 1 or Stage 2 Subjects.

  • A C- or better in Research Project at Stage 2, (undertaken in Year 11) worth 10 credits.

  • A C- or better in at least 60 additional credits in Stage 2 subjects and courses.

All SACE courses are assessed against Performance Standards.

For further information about SACE subjects, please visit the SACE website at

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