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Timetable Structure

The structure of the timetable was reviewed and re-developed into a ‘block scheduled’ timetable in 2019. Penola High School utilises a 7 line timetable broken up into 3 learning blocks per day. There is one lesson before recess, one between recess and lunch and one after lunch. A block scheduled timetable reduces movement around the school and minimises the number of teachers a student sees in a day. This is a particularly successful strategy for smooth student transition from primary school and the development of student engagement flow in all areas. Penola High School is continuing to implement interdisciplinary learning in the middle years to further develop the Year 7 to High School strategy.

Home Group occurs after Learning Block 1 and before recess. The main purpose of Home Group is marking the attendance of the students and disseminating information.


On Friday, Learning Block 1 is divided into Genius Hour and Learning for Life. Genius Hour is an independent, flexible learning time where students pursue their interests. The learning for Life program is a pastoral care program tailored to the needs of each year level.

An example timetable grid can be seen below.

PHS Timetable: Monday - Friday

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