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Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Penola High School has a vision to be a leading school in the implementation of digital technologies and the utilisation of information technologies. Penola High School believes technology underpins the learning with digital devices being a staple requirement for 21st Century Learning skills. As such, the school supplies a device for each student during their time of study to enhance their learning.

In keeping with the National Educational – Australian Curriculum, we aim to promote and lead in best practice for curriculum delivery and assessment and improve the educational outcomes for all students.

Digital Learning provides a vehicle for a personalised learning program - the essence of our school motto with differentiation central to our approach to creating curriculum. This includes blended classrooms, where the focus is on providing access to class content anywhere, anytime to personalise learning for students and make class time a place for deep, active learning.

Learning Technologies

The digital learning vision is enacted through all Learning Areas with innovative use of the latest technologies.

This includes:

  • all teaching staff have access to a school supplied laptop to prepare and deliver lessons.

  • NBN internet link.

  • Sentral Learner Management System.

  • a mix of projectors and Smarboard interactive boards within the school.

  • STEM lab with a focus on media, 3D printers and other associated technologies.



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