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Student Leaders


2022 PHS SRC Leaders

Young Leaders

Student leadership is a priority at Penola High School. Students are encouraged to take on leadership in the school, to take part in decision making and to make a positive contribution to the school environment. There are other opportunities for leadership outside of SRC and House Captains.

Student Representative Council

As part of the process, the SRC provides a line of communication between students, management, staff and parents as well as providing an avenue for ‘student voice’ on matters such as curriculum, pedagogy, advocacy and fundraising.


The school Council meets every three weeks and

aim to have assemblies twice a term. SRC have a

strong voice in decision making and are involved in

Governing Council and its Committees. Class

meetings and assemblies ensure that information

is given and that issues raised are taken to the SRC


Student Representative Council is elected by

students. Each year level group nominate and vote

for their representatives.

Structure of the SRC consists of:

  • Presidents

  • Democratically elected representatives of each year level


Current student projects include: 

  • Assisting the transition from year 7 into year 8 (year 6 into year 7 from 2022)

  • Fundraising for community events and foundations

  • Increasing awareness of mental health

  • Engaging student led activities at lunchtime

  • Planning and implementing the school formal

  • Sports equipment ordering and borrowing processes

  • Developing relationships amongst peers

  • Encouraging peers to become stronger leaders

  • Improving confidence within the school community

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