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Enrolment Fees & Charges

Materials and Services Charges 2024: $379.00 

The MSC is intended to cover the cost of those items and services deemed to be essential to the curriculum and are used or consumed by individual students during the course of their study for the calendar year.

For a breakdown of the Materials and Services Charges please download the following PDF document.

Materials And Service Charges

What is included in the MSC: 

  • Printed and Electronic Materials related to the educational program:

    • Text Book/E Guide Access

    • Photocopied materials for curriculum use


  • Stationery Items that are provided for the student:

    • Initial Stationery Pack

    • ID Card


  • Materials and Services provided by the school for the student to consume or use the materials:

    • Access to Student Information Technology

      • Issued with a laptop

      • Laptop maintenance

      • Internet Access

      • Online Storage Access

      • Use of Software Licences


  • Access to Machinery and Equipment

    • Use and access to TTC machinery, Home Ec and Café Equipment, Multimedia Equipment, Art Equipment, Science Equipment, PE and Outdoor Ed equipment


  • Curriculum Subject Supplies

    • Subject area consumables and resources eg Maths, English, SOSE, Japanese, Ag, Health etc

    • Multi-media equipment eg cameras

    • Science practical supplies eg chemicals, test tubes, microscopes

    • Art materials eg paper, pencils, clay, charcoal, paints, brushes

    • Home Ec supplies eg food supplies and consumables

    • Tech Studies eg wood, metal, glue, bolts, nuts and minor tools


What is not included:

  • From time to time a student may choose to complete a project that exceeds the amount provided in the budget – if this in the case then the school will communicate with the parent seeking permission and payment for the difference.

  • The cost of uniforms, stationery, extra-curricular items/activities, camps and excursions is not included in the MSC.

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